Two murder cases around Rustenburg


Two murder cases around Rustenburg

The North West police in Phokeng, Rustenburg arrested a 30-year-old suspect for the murder of a 45-year-old man.  The incident occurred in Luka village on 28 March 2013 at about 02:00.  According to the information received, the suspect and the victim were at a local tavern and an argument occurred between them.  It is then alleged that the suspect grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim on his lower ribs.  The victim was taken to Job Shimankane Tabane Hospital where he died on arrival.  The motive of the fight is unknown and the police managed to arrest the suspect.  The suspect is expected to appear before Phokeng magistrate court on Tuesday 2 April 2013.  The investigation continues.

In another incident a 28-year-old man was found  lying dead with a bullet wound on his right leg by the Boitekong police early Thursday at about 06:00.  Buyisile Totoba’s body was found at Sondela informal settlement in Boitekong outside Rustenburg.  According to information at our disposal a passerby saw the body and alerted the police.  It is alleged that the victim’s body was found covered with rocks and blood.  Allegations state that the victims face was swollen.  The police found an empty 9mm cartridge seven meters from where Totoba was lying.  The police are still looking for the suspects and whoever might have information that can assist the Boitekong Police with the investigation.  Please call the Boitekong detective commander Colonel Mokwena 014 593 3000.

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