Warning for all people looking to rent property

Rusties received info about unsettling things that happened in the property business.

Complaint against: Al-Mar Property Rentals
Person: Alma du Toit

Here is the story of an unhappy person in Rustenburg.  All Rustenburgers, please see this as a warning to watch out for.

I rented a town house in Rustenburg through Al-Mar rentals. After renting for a year and a half, the owner gave me the option to purchase the property and we signed a purchase contract which at the same time ended the rental contract as the purchase transaction began.

Two weeks ago the property registered on my name, I am the new owner. When the property was successfully registered on my name, I contacted Alma du Toit from Al-Mar Rentals, asking for my deposit which I paid initially upon renting the property. She refused to return my deposit and still hasn’t and she has no grounds whatsoever to do so.

I am the new owner of the property so if there were damages to the property, giving her grounds to deduct from the deposit (if I evacuated as a lessee), it would’ve made sense but it is not applicable. Nevermind refusing to return my deposit for no apparent reason.

I want my money back! “

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