Yet another case of murder


Yet another case of murder

Three cases of murder were reported to the Provincial Police over the weekend. One of these cases happened right here in Rustenburg.

The victim, only known as Zukile Mlotywa (age unknown), was found lying dead in a pool of blood on the street at Mfidikwe. The deceased was discovered by a passerby on Friday (30/06/2013) at about 22:00. He sustained an open wound on the collar and the motive of the murder is not yet known. No one has been arrested and the police are investigating.

There seems to be many cases of murder in the last few months. Always make sure that you are as safe as can be and be weary of your surroundings.

Here are a few tips to follow when you suspect that someone is following you or wants to attack or assault you:

Stay alert at all times no matter where you are.

  • Determine whether you are actually being followed.  You might be paranoid, but to confirm walk in a different direction for a while.
  • Use positive self talk to keep yourself calm and to help you think through the situation.
  • Quickly assess the situation to see if it’s possible to get yourself out of harm’s way.  It is best to try and move towards a busy public place where people can see you.  If it is not possible, you’ll need to find other fast solutions.  Such as turning around and looking at the suspect.  You need to make him understand that you are aware of him.
  • If he is not scared away you need to take action.  You can start with a cry for help or a scream to attract attention.  Also make sure to have the local emergency numbers on your cell phone to give them a call.
  • If the suspect starts running towards you, you need to do the natural thing: run away.  Never go directly to your house.  You do not want the suspect to know where you live.  Head towards a public place such as a supermarket, police station or any other location you can think of.

Make sure to always stay as calm as possible.

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