A Roof to Live Under


A Roof to Live Under

Every house needs a roof. A roof needs to be strong and well designed because if it is not it can be quite unsafe. A roof that collapses can seriously injure or even kill a person. That is why Eagle roofs pride themselves in giving the best quality Roof Trusses.

Eagle Roofs is licensed under a leader in the roofing industry: MiTek SA. MiTek SA lay down strict guidelines and make sure that they are followed by the book. MiTek SA supplies Eagle Roof with specialised services, which allows Eagle Roofs to deliver an even better and more specialised service to you the customer. Eagle Roofs is also a member of the Institute for Timber Construction (ITC) who makes sure that all standards are met in the design, manufacture and erecting of all roofs. They also provide a certificate with every roof that specifies that the roof is according to all SANS standards.

At the moment, with all the machinery at their disposal, the factory is capable of producing 1600m² roofs per day under a production area of 1300m².

Make sure that you are safe and sound with a good roof on your house. If you are building a house or need Roof Trusses give Eagle roofs a call at 082 381 3284 or send a e-mail to eagleroofs@mweb.co.za.

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