At the Dam


At the Dam

Many times it might feel like Rustenburg falls a little short of original none franchised restaurants.  But this might only be because we are not aware of the potential restaurants and coffee shops in our area.  Brauhaus am damm is one of those.  Located approximately 20 Km out of Rustenburg on the R24 (Old Johannesburg road) this restaurant brings a unique taste to its visitors.  Located directly next to the Olifantsnek Dam, the view and surroundings are simply amazing.  It’s perfect to get out of town for a while.

They essentially pride themselves in their high tech brewery.  “We proudly and passionately produce top quality German beers.” As stated on their website.  Their beer of course is not the only thing they pride themselves in.  They also have a menu that consists of traditional German cuisine, it is sure to be something different to what we are used to.  With Pickled Herring, Waldorf Salad and beer bread you are sure to experience a bit of the German culture.  But of course they do also have other things on the menu for those who fancy something else.

The name Brauhaus indicates a brewing operation of proud German tradition, while Am Damm points to its location in close proximity to the Olifantsnek Dam.  To see the brewery from above through a glass window is surely interesting and the service is very good.  Brauhaus surely makes for a good outing and is definitely one of my recommendations when you want something different.

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