Sneeze and sniffle

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Sneeze and sniffle

Winter is coming up and with it the dreaded fear, being sick.  The awful feeling of not being able to be as productive as usual.  Your lungs burning, throat sore, head aches and a constant nasal drip.  No one likes to be sick.  We need to be prepared for the winter.  If you take the necessary precautions you might just skip an illness.

“I don’t see any strange sickness in this year, although I can still not predict what will be the most common viruses for this year but the common cold is sure to be at large as usual” Says Dr.  Paxton, a local doctor in Rustenburg.  Vitamins such as Vitamin C can help to boost the immune system and help to protect from viruses.   A flue vaccination is not a bad idea either but Dr.  Paxton gave a tip that can easily and efficiently help to protect and stop a virus in its tracks.  “Because the common cold is mostly spread through breathing in, you can use a mouth wash to help protect yourself.  I regularly gurgle Listerine whenever I feel that I might have caught something.  If you gurgle with a mouth wash that has a disinfectant in, you clean your throat and mouth, in other words, the air you breathe in will likely be disinfected as well.  This helps the spread of the virus so that your immune system can make quick work of the virus”.  This quick and easy trick is not just effective but also works out cheaper than most medicines.

“Unfortunately most of the best cold medicines have been removed from the shelf, but I suggest Corex flu syrup with a nasal spray for those who have been caught off guard by a virus”.  Even though Rustenburg does not have extremely cold winters, the flue will still be going round.  Make sure that you are armed and ready.

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