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Rustenburg Blood Donation

Ever wanted to make a significant change in the world?  Ever wanted to do something for the greater good?  Well you can.  In fact you can save somebody’s life.  Our bodies need blood in order for us to live.  The human body contains approximately 4,7 to 5,6 litres of blood.  In one day your blood travels nearly 12,000 miles.  Your heart beats around 35 million times per year.  Your heart pumps a million barrels of blood during the average lifetime-enough to fill three super tankers.  Blood is vital.  And you can save a life by simply giving 108 ml of it in a donation.  We went to the Rustenburg SANBS to find out more about the process.

“To donate blood is simple.  Simply come to the blood bank in 46 Hystek Street, complete the donor form and we will do the rest.  We do a health check on each donor.  This check includes a iron check, pulse and blood check.  After that we just do a simple interview.  When the donor has done all this we let him or her lie down and we use new and sterile equipment to extract blood” says Murendi Rambuda from the Rustenburg SANBS.

After the blood has been donated it is sent to a laboratory in Johannesburg where the necessary checks is done for infectious diseases.  If anything has been found, the donor will be contacted and the matter will be handled with extreme secrecy and sensitivity.  If the blood is without any infectious diseases or risks, it is split into three components: Plasma, Platelets and red blood cells. Plasma is used for burn patients.  Platelets are used for cancer patients and Red blood cells are used for trauma cases for example car accident victims.   Because the blood is so precious, it is handled with extreme care.

“We can come to any business that consists of more than 15 people and give our services from there.  We also visit schools and the Waterfall Mall often.  Please feel free to contact us if you want us to visit your business.  Look out for us! Your blood can save a life.  Be a hero” says Murendi.  Contact the Rustenburg SANBS at 014 592 0305 or 079 935 6377.  Isn’t it time that we start making a difference?  Let’s make Rustenburg the city of heroes.




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