UIF helps you


UIF helps you

Many people do not understand how UIF works.  In fact, most do not even understand its importance. “Being unemployed can be a very difficult time for anyone, especially when you are a single parent, because we have school fees, food, rent, debts etc., to pay.” Says Sizile Makola from My Claim Mate.  My Claim Mate Specialises in helping people with anything UIF.

UIF(Unemployment insurance) provides a financial safety net when someone has lost their job or will only get a portion of their salary when they go on maternity, not able to work for 2 weeks, is retrenched or the contract ends.  UIF also gives support when the family breadwinner has passed away.  In order to claim for UIF you need to meet specific criteria.  You must have been employed and your employer must have registered with the Department of Labour and paid over UIF contributions to the department every month.

In today’s life retrenchment and other risks are a reality.  A person must always be sure to have their UIF paperwork in order for if that day comes.  There are a number of things that can cause delays or have the claim declined.  These errors include: completing the wrong forms, not completing the forms in full and correctly, incorrect banking details and not providing the required supporting documents.  You do not want to be caught off guard when the time comes.

“My Claim Mate assists clients with all the claims.  We provide clients with the necessary forms, check that they have been completed in full and correctly.  Then we submit on their behalf so they never have to stand in long queues all day (maternity, adoption, death and illness only).  The other great thing is that the clients get paid directly into their bank accounts” Says Sizile.

No one wants to ever make use of UIF.  These things are good to know with everything that has been happening in the Rustenburg area. Retrenchments on mines will force numerous people to make use of this service.  We are still hoping for everything to work out with the mines.  However if it does not, be sure to have everything in order.  For professional help with UIF matters contact 083 786 2489 or send an email to help@myclaimmate.co.za.

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