Dog Care- Myths Busted!


Dog Care- Myths Busted!

Throughout the years there have been a lot of myths regarding what to feed your dog and what not, in fact there are a lot of myths going around right now. We went to Protea Animal Clinic and spoke to Dr.Kobus Grobler about some of the general diet myths.  We asked him what a good diet will be for your dog “The best that you can afford.  The more expensive the product the better the quality”.“It’s better not to give food from the table, but if you do, it has to be in the same balance as you would eat yourself” he added.

There are a lot of stories going around about dogs and chocolates “Chocolates are poisonous for dogs, and also raisins. A small dog can be killed with as little as 6 raisins”. But do dogs have an individual since of taste? “Yes, some dogs eat fruit, others hate it, some will eat salad, others not”. So it is safe to say that dogs have their own favorite food, just like some people like salad, and others won’t touch it, it’s exactly the same with dogs.  But what about the old faithful bone? “Personally, bones at the right time and the right size are more positive than negative.  Just make sure that there is no competition between dogs, because that is when they swallow bones and when the trouble begins”.

Any other myths that Dr. want to warn people about?  “There is a myth that Brandy will cure parvo, that is not true, and also the myth that vaccinations will make your dog ill, also not true. Vaccinations are there to prohibit viruses, not encourage them”

We ended off with the question, what was the strangest thing that Dr Grobler has ever seen. “One day a client brought in a dog with 2 broken legs, but with 2 purple boards on the body of the dog near the ribs in hope that this will heal the dog’s broken legs”.See the photo underneath.

Don’t be caught by the trap of myths, rather make sure from an expert.  Dogs and any pets for that matter are our children, love them, care for them and enjoy them.

dog with broken legs

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