Knowledge, the key to the future


Knowledge, the key to the future

It’s hard to find a job these days without higher education.  Let’s face it, higher education means a better lifestyle.  And it’s been a long time that students had to go out of Rustenburg to study further.  Well not anymore.  Centurion academy aims to supply the students in Rustenburg with a full learning experience and rich in knowledge courses.

Centurion academy has a lot to offer, with their 3 different academy campuses: The Professional IT Academy, Professional Cooking Academy and also Centurion Academy. They offer a wide range in higher education, SAQA accredited, diploma courses.  Thus giving the perfect options for students who do not wish to leave Rustenburg to go study else ware.

According to the principal, Hanti Mathews, “We want to encourage students to build their futures”.  It is true that knowledge is power and one can never have enough power.  Finally we asked her to give future students advice: “You are never too old or too young to learn. Push yourself; develop yourself as far as you can”.

For more information, contact 014 592 6727.  Or visit their website:  Build your future, it’s never too late to start, the future is bright!

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