Don’t Lose Sight


Don’t Lose Sight

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  Whether this is true we cannot say but we do know that your eyes are extremely valuable and you should protect them at all cost. Vision is literally something that you use every second of every day. How well do you take care of your eyes?

In order to maintain good eye health there are a few guidelines that we must follow. These guidelines may seem basic, but they are essential to help you reduce eye strain, help preserve your vision and keep your eyes healthy. The first thing is to regularly go for eye checkups. Visit your optometrist regularly to stay in check with your eye health. You also need to blink regularly. We often forget to do so when focusing on computers. When you are working on a computer regularly take work breaks as this can reduce eye strain. Be sure to work in a properly lit room. Keep your eyes well lubricated, do this by using the right eye drops (Consult your optometrist to get the right sort of eye drops). Keep your hands clean and if they are not clean avoid touching your eyes or surrounding areas. This might seem like general knowledge, but we tend to forget when we get focused and busy.

Jeremy Meiring is an excellent optometrist that provides all eye care services. They offer eye tests, drivers license screening, industrial vision, general eye health and more. For more information why not give Jeremy Meiring a visit? It is better to take care of your eyes now so that you can see the future.

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