Beware Of The “Skimmer”


Beware Of The “Skimmer”

We received information about a new way that criminals are trying to steal your money.

Criminals are becoming more cunning in their plans to trick unsuspecting ATM users out of their funds. A new device has allegedly been discovered which have been found in shopping centres, petrol stations and convenience stores.

These devices are used to scan magnetic strip details directly from your ATM card. Simultaneously, while the magnetic strip is being read, a camera located on the side of the “Skimmer” is viewing every key you push on the keypad. This means that not only do criminals have your card information but also your pin number. This means that they now have all details to draw your funds from an ATM without your knowledge.

How can I be sure not to get caught in this trap? These devises are disguised to look like a part of an ATM. Before swiping your debit, cheque or credit card, wiggle the protruding slot in which you slide your card, thieves often install skimmers on top of the ATM’s actual slot and secure the skimmer with adhesive. Check the device and wiggle it to see if it’s loose or if it falls off. Look for remnants or residue of double-sided tape. Anything that looks unusual.

When you type in your PIN on the keypad cover your actions with the other hand. This can help ensure that your pin can not be seen or recorded.

We need to stay vigilant when it comes to criminals. Stay alert of your surroundings, even when it comes to day to day life.

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