Edcon Accounts Closing?


Edcon Accounts Closing?

There were certain claims that people had been receiving letters that their Edgars, Jet, CNA, Boardmans accounts were going to be closed from Edcon. We did a bit of research and Edcon ensured us that people who had not received a letter do not need to worry.

Edcon sent us their official media statement. It reads as follows: “Edcon sold its credit book to Absa on 31 October 2012. Edcon remains responsible for all customer facing functions on its store card. Over the last 12-months, Edcon has engaged with customers through a number of letters, calls, in-store interactions and SMSes in order to obtain all required customer account information required by Absa as part of the sale.

While we have been able to complete all the required information for 99.7% of accounts, despite these significant efforts, we have been unable to contact the remaining 0.3% of our customers.  As such, we sent a letter to the affected customers, to advise them of the pending requirement to close their accounts due to incomplete information. However, Edcon would like to encourage all customers who have received similar letters from Edgars or Jet to please make contact with us via the Call Centre numbers: Edgars: 0860 112 442 and Jet: 0860 113 639 so that we can obtain any outstanding information required. 

We extend our sincere apology for any inconvenience our customers have experienced and thank them for their understanding as we complete the last of the data enrichment exercise”.

Edcon ensured us that they will always give the customer written notice and consent when it comes to their accounts and similar situations.

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