September Newsletter 2013

October is here and the heat is back. Summer has hit Rustenburg in full and with only 3 months left 2013 is nearing its end. So far 2013 has been an incredible year for Rusties and things can only get better. What are you going to do with the last 3 months of 2013? What ever you do, make it matter.

In this newsletter we will cover:

  • New to Rusties
  • This Months Specials
  • Upcoming Events
  • Past Events
  • Rusties Bits
  • Thought of the Month

New to Rusties

Rusties would like to welcome the following companies to our site:

This Months Specials

Biltong Bar Basedag Aanbod


Xstream Printing Special


Pastel Payroll Qualification


Upcoming Events

We are looking forward to these events on our events calendar:

Rustenburg Juanita Du Plessis


Kleine Khomas Gospel Fees 2013


Past Events

In case you missed it, here are the events that took place during the month of September:

Rusties Bits

Rusties Promotions

If you take any business listing or banner listing and you pay the full amount in cash straight up you get a 10% discount. Here are the once off prices:

Business Listings

24 months R1500 R180 Discount
12 months R970 R110 Discount
6 months R595 R65 Discount
3 months R330 R30 Discount

Banner Listings

24 months R8000 R880 Discount
12 months R5300 R580 Discount
6 months R3190 R350 Discount
3 months R1730 R190 Discount

Website Deal

Take a website from us today for only R1100 once off and get a free 3 month Rusties business listing.

Thought of the Month


Time is one of the only things you cannot multiply. You only have so much of it and when it’s depleted, it’s depleted. Every second is a second you will never have again. It makes you think, what are you doing with the time that you have left. 2013 has only 3 months left and then it’s over. Use the time that you have available to its maximum potential. Spend time with loved ones, take time to enjoy yourself and do something that matters. You never know when your time is done so make the most of it.

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