Looking good!


Looking good!

When you look good, you feel good.  Men often wonder why women spend so much time on their hair, nails, skin and makeup.  After asking a few ladies why, the answer was clear.  Woman like to look beautiful.  In order to always look ones best you need to maintain yourself in every way.  That is exactly why house of hair exists.  House of hair has been in Rustenburg for 25 years.  They are not just a hair studio, but a complete beauty salon.  Everything you might need under one roof.  From hairdressers to a sun bed.  Nails, facials, makeup for brides and metric farewells, manicures and pedicures.  They do it all.

All the professionals working there are well educated and have experience in their areas.  “I studied at the Potchefstroom Academy at Tina Schöltz.  We all take our job very seriously.  Working in a salon is more than most would think, it is an art with a touch of science” says Anne Labuschagne.   “we use only the finest products to ensure that every client gets the best.  Our clients are like family, you would never give second best to your family”.

Be sure to enter this winter beautifully with the help of one of Rustenburg’s most trusted salons.  When you enter it does not feel like a normal salon, you feel like you are at home.  With friendly staff, affordable prices and amazing service you are sure to have an all in one beauty experience.


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