Policing of the South African Music Awards (SAMA) at Sun City

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Policing of the South African Music Awards (SAMA) at Sun City

The Police, together with other Law enforcement agencies, including Fire and Emergency Services, Provincial Traffic, Emergency Medical Services, Disaster Management  and private security companies have geared themselves up for the influx of thousands of people into the North West Province this coming week-end. The South African Music Awards (SAMA) will be held from Friday,10 May till Saturday, 11 May 2013 at Sun City, Super Bowl, outside Rustenburg.

The South African Police Service and other role players in the province are geared to ensure a safe and secure environment for all stakeholders that will be visiting Sun City during the awards. The Venue Operational Centre (VOC) will be available for the duration of the event.  This will enable members of the public to report incidents of crime on site as well as at Sun City Police Station.

Without dampening the spirit of the festivities, Police and other security agencies will enforce strict control over drunk driving, speeding and consumption of alcohol in public. Strict measures will also be in place to ensure that licence holders adhere to the conditions of their licences.

In order to assist the police in ensuring effective policing for the duration of the music awards, guests are also requested not to leave valuables within sight in their vehicles but to lock them inside boots of their cars and make sure that their vehicles are locked.  Although security has been arranged at parking areas, guests are advised to be always alert and avoid creating opportunities for criminal activities as well as to cooperate with law enforcement agencies. Those that will be at the Super Bowl are advised to take care of their properties particularly those that they place at their feet.

The Police, together with all role payers are looking forward to welcome the people attending the awards and are making an urgent appeal to them to adhere to requests and hints supplied by the organisers and the Police.

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