Pain in the neck?


Pain in the neck?

Struggling with back problems?  Well it turns out that many of those problems can be because of poor posture. Furthermore, some back problems in late age can be avoided by taking care of your back by going to the physiotherapist.  Everyone knows that a back pain can have quite the effect on your daily routine.  And let’s face it; it can be quite the pain.

Physiotherapist Nombulelo Mochekela says “Bad posture is the major source of all back and neck pain”.  Bad posture is not just how you stand, but also how you sit in front of the computer, how you drive and at any part during the day. “Make sure that you stand straight, and if you sit on a chair at work, it should not just cover the lower back, but give full support of your entire back”. Pain in the back can be because of spasm.  Spasms can cause headaches, pain, irritation, a numb feeling in your limbs and other symptoms. Another thing is that the body gets used to pain in about 2 weeks.  So you might just have a spasm and not even realize it. Of course stress can also be a major source of tense muscles.

“One of the best ways to relief pain and relax tense muscles are with stretches” Nombulelo added.  In our day to day lives we tend to underestimate the importance of stretching.  Not only does a stretch help relax muscles, it can also relief pain and reduce the chances that the spasm will persist or come back.  Back and neck stretches are of the most importance, since most people sit in front of a computer all day long.

If your pain persists it is best not to simply hope it will go away, but to deal with it before the problem becomes worse.  A physiotherapist can tell you exactly what your problem is and also tell you how you can stop it from occurring again. Visiting a Physiotherapist can also help reduce the risk of future back pain.

Many times a back pain or any other pain can be that of our own doing. Watch your posture when you drive your car, sit in front of your desk or television and when you are walking. And don’t just sit with the problem, do something about it.  It is better to take care of a problem before it can occur.

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