Scam Alert

Scam Computer Keys Showing Swindles And Fraud

Scam alert

There has been a scam going around by a syndicate targeting small businesses with big contracts.  This scam has already targeted a few businesses in Rustenburg area.  Do not be caught in the same net.

Basically what happens is a person calls you up and says that they received your number from somewhere.  They offer a contract with you and your company that you simply cannot refuse. Whatever is relevant to your company, they will use.  They act as a company from another country, usually an African company such as Botswana, Namibia, Zambia or any other.  They usually say that have a business that does multiple things, such as Property development, mining, farming, community development and maintenance.  Then they would make an appointment with you out of town.  At first just one person will see you and act as a “middle man” or agent.  He will give a full business profile of the company and ask a great deal of questions regarding your services and how you work.

Everything is handled extremely professionally and looks like a legit opportunity.  After that another appointment will be scheduled with the owner or main manager of the company.  They will try and occupy you whilst someone robs your purse.  Or they will try and pressure a person to give money for one of their services before they deliver.   These meetings will usually be held in a public environment where they can easily escape.

The suspicious characters used names like Roy and Kennith.  But they change their names and numbers for every victim.  One of the men is extremely well spoken with a British accent.  Be wary of a scam like this.  They tend to target small businesses that would like to get big business boosts via contracts or sales.  Of course because of the professional appearance it can be difficult to know for sure.  But here are a few points to take in to consideration.  Analyze where they got your number from.  Make sure to look up any company.  Never pay upfront for a product and if you have to pay to get a contract know that that is suspicious.  Do not take large amounts of money or valuables to meetings and finally do not go alone to one of these meetings.

Always be cautious of who you do business with.  It is sad but true, there are people out there that steal from those who earn a honest living.  It is better to be absolutely sure and know who you are dealing with, then to be sorry.


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