Print, Fax, Work


Print, Fax, Work

In the office we are dependent on many things.  Printers, fax machines, telephones and computers.  In order to do our daily tasks we need these things in order and in proper working condition.  What can be more frustrating than a machine not working properly or one that is giving problems?  Those can give you grey hairs, leave you frustrated and put your entire day on hold.

Digitec was established in 2001 by Jurie Botha and Nico van Staden.  They noticed that Rustenburg had a lack in service when it comes to office machines.  With a passion to help their clients as far as they can and a vision of giving their best, Digitec wants to keep their clients as happy as possible.  “Proper client service is something seriously lacking in Rustenburg. That is why we here at Digitec want to go out of our way to make sure that everything is working properly.  With our well trained, friendly staff and experience we will deliver” says Jurie.  They install, service and help with any problems that might occur.  Making sure that you will not get trapped in a frustrating situation.

“Every business is different. That is why we go out before hand to see what the specific needs are and how we can fulfill that.  There is a big variety of machines that is available on the market.  We do not want to confuse the customer with fancy machinery, we want them to have what they need and not to pay more than they should.  We look at the size needed, the type of quality required, the budget of the client and also what type of service the business offer.  From that we can specify the need and give the right equipment for the job”

Make sure that you have the right machinery for the task.  Contact Digitec at (014) 592 1719 or visit their website at  You can also send an e-mail to to find out more.  Don’t be frustrated with your office equipment. Make sure the job runs smoothly.  Use a service you can trust.

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