RHS Cricket Players perform abroad

Christopher Kingston (3)

RHS Cricket Players perform abroad

RHS’s full-time academy players, Vian Maritz and Christopher Kingston, was elected to attend the Rowling National Cricket Academy’s under 16 team at the Singapore / Malaysia cricket tour.  The Rowling National Cricket Academy had warm-up matches against the Singapore Association and Singapore Cricket Club before they went to Malaysia to play in the Johor International T20 series.

Vian Maritz strongly showed why he was elected to play for the  Rowling National Cricket Academy in their match against the Singapore Association by hitting 110 out of 140 balls.  At the Singapore Cricket club he was nominated Man of the match.

Christopher Kingston proved himself as a fantastic bowler with 39 runs in his 13 overs.  He also scored a maiden over and took one wicket.

After the warm-up tournament the National Cricket Academy participated in the Johor International T20.

Vian had over six games, batted three times and scored a total of 149 runs.  His big moment was when he scored 76 runs in the match against Darwin Australia, winning the game for his team. Vian, who was captain of the Rowlin National Cricket Academy, was named player of the 2013 Johor International T20 series.  He boasts with a total of 316 runs in five matches at an average of 63 runs per game.

Christopher Kingston was the opening bowler for the team.  He played a very tactical game and bowled very economically.  He boasted with 26 overs in which he conceded only 77 runs in the tournament.  He took only five wickets and delivered a very economical run rate of 2.9 runs per over.

With players of this calibre the Rowlin National Cricket Academy was the winners of the tournament.  We are proud to have such great talent in our town and cannot wait to see what is in store for them in the future.

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