Road Accidents are Real


Road Accidents are Real

There was an accident today, 19 November 2013, on Oliver Tambo Drive at approximately 10:45 am. It seems that two vehicles were involved, a white Toyota Hilux and a yellow delivery truck from Time Freight.

The yellow delivery truck was tipped over on impact and the Hilux was badly damaged. It is unclear if there are any serious injuries or casualties.

We would like to warn all our readers to drive carefully and concentrate on the roads. Do not get distracted. Please refrain from using your cell phone whilst driving. Another important point will be to always use your indicators.

The road laws are there for a reason. Respect and follow them. Stop at a stop street, and head the yellow light. Do not put your life or another person’s life in jeopardy. Drive safe and always think not only for yourself but for everyone else as well.

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