Rustenburg In Colour


Rustenburg In Colour

Art grants an escape for people from reality. It is an expression of emotion and passion. Rustenburg has no shortage of artists. On Wednesday 9 October 2013 Vorster Grobler Attorneys hosted a wonderful art exhibition. It was an extraordinary night filled with music, wine, cheese and most importantly art.

It was incredible to see the talent of Rustenburg being showcased and free to see. Some even said that they did not expect such talent from local artists. Elreza Huygendents Buitendach and her students showcased their art on this evening. Elreza, one of Rustenburg’s renowned artists and art teachers proudly boasted with her students and their work.

The night also contributed to charity. A raffle was held in order to raise funds for Jorah Ministries. The winner of this raffle won a beautiful framed painting by Elreza.

Jorah Ministries is a registered Non-profit Company (NPC). They aim to reach out to the poor and needy, not only providing them with physical nutrition, but working closely with them, celebrating birthdays, assisting with special needs and providing emotional support and comfort. They work hard to supply fresh fruit, renovation of living units, garden services and medical attention to the poor and those in need. For more information on Jorah Ministries contact Annarie Muller at 072 358 4724.

It was simply a wonderful evening and we look forward to see the artists of Rustenburg reach new heights. It just comes to show that a person should never be afraid to show off their talents.

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