Snapshot that lasts forever


Snapshot that lasts forever

We all have those all familiar ‘Kodak’ moments that we want to treasure for life.  In a way cameras have become so integrated in our daily lives that it would be a struggle to cope without them. What should we know before buying a camera?  Ever bought something and felt horribly unsatisfied?  Well the same can happen when you are buying a camera.  As we said in a previous article when visiting Digital Revolution, technology is rapidly expanding and there is a device for every task you can think of.  A Camera has also become a specialised device.  You get cameras for high speed events such as sport, cameras that take pictures underwater, easy to use cameras for the entire family, professional SLR cameras and much more.

“You cannot really say that there is one specific camera that will work for everyone.  Each person has a different expectation and will use the camera for a different purpose” says Liaan Kruger.  Liaan studied photography and has 16 years of retail and photography experience. “I usually ask people three questions: How much do you want to spend? What do you want to do with the camera and do you want something small and compact or more in the line of a SLR camera?  With those questions you can determine what you are looking for”.  SLR cameras automatically give you up to 80% better quality then the conventional compact camera.  It’s no wonder why the SLR cameras are taking over the market.  SLR cameras are becoming really affordable and you really get a far greater quality photo.

“Many people make the mistake to think that if a camera has a huge amount of mega pixels that it will give you a better quality, this is not the truth. Mega pixels only indicate how big you can print the picture before it starts to pixelate.  Photo quality is determined by the quality of the camera”. “The best camera’s for family purposes will be something with decent optical zoom, high mega pixels to print big photos and  something that has full HD video capability” says Liaan.  An interesting fact is that video cameras and handy cams are on their way out.  Most photo cameras have excellent video capturing capabilities and the full HD option makes that videos can even rival those of a handy cam.

“Be sure to speak to a professional before you buy a camera.  It might be easy to walk into a store and buy one but will you get service afterwards and more importantly will you be satisfied with what you are buying?” Cameras can be quite expensive.  There are cameras that cost up to R30 000 and up.  Some lenses cost up to R300 000.  Those are for professional photographers.  You do not have to spend a fortune to get something better suited for your needs, all you need is excellent and expert advice.  Be sure what you want and what you want to spend before you buy a camera.

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