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The business world is rapidly expanding.  Rustenburg is also feeling the impact of the business era.  With organisations like the Rustenburg business Women’s Forum and other organisations with the same goal as to help people in the business sector to grow and expand their business.  Rustenburg is on its way to becoming a corporate hub.  One of the most important elements of business is Corporate image.  Without proper and professional corporate image a business will never reach its optimal potential.  Corporate image has become a very competitive element in the business world.  Many customers will go to the shop or business with the best logo and the ones looking the best.

The logo is the most powerful and visible symbol of your company’s brand.  It is the identifying element for a company or business. It should be designed to create immediate recognition by the viewer and to grab attention.  Individuality and the uniqueness of a logo is necessary to avoid confusion in the marketplace among clients.

The problem most companies and Rustenburg face is that they do not have a proper logo.  The logo needs to be catchy and unique. Something special.  Many businesses in Rustenburg needs a ‘facelift’.  We should adapt and change as time moves on and the world around us changes.

A logo that looks too rough or amateurish can help a business fail for a variety of reasons.  First, the business will look unstable and unprofessional.  It can make a business look like a small, inconsequential venture, regardless of how much money is behind the scenes.  A business needs clean, memorable, professional-looking marketing materials to succeed, and this starts with the logo.

Perhaps it is time to start thinking about your corporate image and logo.  Do the people of Rustenburg know and recognise your business?  And more importantly, do you compete with mega organisations with your image?  The image of a business can make or break it.  At Rusties we provide an exclusive logo design service to clients inside and outside of Rustenburg.  We design catchy, professional and unique logos at an affordable price of only R800 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!  For more information please visit or contact us on 011 083 9014.

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