Willa Krause Treatments Review

I had the most amazing experience at the Willa Krause skin care and health clinic! It was honestly the best method of relaxation I’ve had in a long time and when my treatment was finished I immediately booked another session for the same day on the next calendar month. Let me tell you a bit more about what happened and why I consider it to be so great…

You walk into the Willa Krause salon being welcomed by the staff, soft music and the aroma of burning candles mixed with a hint of the skin care products lingering in the air. The atmosphere immediately relaxes your state of mind and your body from tense, stressed state that it was in previously and it makes you realize that pampering and loosening up are probably some of the – main – reasons why you’re having a treatment at Willa Krause for what it’s worth.

Life is stressful, we have to make time to relax and to take better care of our bodies. Whether you are a man or a woman, you are obliged by your own health to do this. You can eat and drink healthily, exercise enough but yet, you need some guidance with your skin and how to best take care of it. That is where these informative, smart and well experienced women of Willa Krause take the ropes!!

The treatment starts with cleansing and hydration of the face and neck after which you receive the Microdermabrasion treatment. Microdermabrasion is a soft crystal blast and suction to remove dead skin cells. Thereafter the Oxygen treatment is used to puff the skin by literally blasting oxygen into the surface. How refreshing!! The Soft Laser is then used to rejuvenate the skin! Throughout all the different treatments, your skin is well looked after and hydrated according to it’s unique needs to ensure that your skin is soothed and comforted at all times!

My personal rating is a most definite 10/10 for Willa Krause considering that they offer amazing treatments at affordable prices, top quality skin care products and the most friendly customer service in Rustenburg. You visit the Willa Krause salon to improve your health, not stress about it!

Contact Willa Krause on 014 597 3446 OR 082 922 4125 right now to book your treatment or to get a quote on skin care products! Men and women of ALL ages are more than welcome at the Willa Krause salon!!

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