January 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to 2011 everyone! We hope you had a busy January month just like we did and that you started your year off  positively!

Many things happened here at Rusties throughout December and the month of January which we are yet to tell you about. Let me tell you about some of our new clients and many of the useful things on the Rustenburg website which you can use to your advantage in this coming year.

  • Our advertising clients
    • New clients advertising with us
    • Existing clients worth a mention
    • Advertise your business now!
  • Classified ads
  • Amazing traffic stats!
  • Games for your entertainment
  • Like our Facebook page

Our advertising clients

We always encourage people to advertise on the Rustenburg website and make use of our internet marketing services for the simple fact that we believe in our “product”. Many people have taken the courageous step of taking a business directory listing or a banner advertisement on our website, well satisfied with the results. Here they are:

New clients advertising with us


Rustenburg Web Design

Get all your Rustenburg web design, ADSL, internet development and more through XIT.

Sumari Designs

Rustenburg Web Design

Creative web- and graphic design is exactly what you need! Hosting, logo designs, domain registrations and more at Sumari Designs.

Existing clients we want to mention

We continuously renew the ads of existing clients and review their marketing to ensure that their ads are up to date and that the keywords being targeted are effective. Here are some of our loyal Rusties clients:

Advertise your business now!

Need traffic through search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and more? After all, don’t most of use our computers at home or work to search for businesses, services and products online? We market your keywords and give you the needed exposure to the world, what more of an online presence do you need? Give it a go!

Advertising on the Rusties website is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Really, I’ll walk you through it quick.

Step 1. Decide on an advertisement

Business listing: Our most popular advertisement is the business listing which we recommend to most businesses. Get your official Rustenburg business listed in the biggest online business directory in Rustenburg. You give us your logo, contacts, keywords and a short description and we will build you a spot in the directory.

Banner ad: Additionally, we have banner ads for more exposure on the website with an increased price.

Special/Event: Have a special promotion or an event that you need to market in Rustenburg with a blast? Give us your flyer or announcement for your special/event and we will do just that. A special/event announcement goes onto our home page, goes into our News section, stays in the right-hand sidebar under News Highlights and we also email it to all our email subscribers on our mailing lists.

Job listing: Last but not least, we have job ads specifically aiming at the recruitment market niche and recruitment agencies.

Step 2. Fill in your contract

We have contracts on our website which you can download in PDF or Word format to print and fill in. Alternatively, we can arrange a meeting with you to settle on an agreement as to which type of ad is the best for you and what optional extras you need on it.

Signing a contract with us won’t hook you onto something you will regret. You can sign for 3, 6, 12 or 24 months so the length is your choice. Thereafter, you may cancel with us provided a written notice and we will respectfully cease your service upon your decision to do so.

The idea and purpose of a contract is to sign a mutually beneficial agreement between you as the client and us, AJH Advertising CC.

Step 3. See the conversion

Once you have chosen on your ad type as mentioned in Step 1 and you have filled in your contract with us, we will publish you on the internet and start building on your keywords to ensure that you periodically receive the needed traffic from our Rustenburg website.

Results vary based on the type of market that you’re in and what the competition on your keywords are in the search engines. But in short, we ensure that it is most effectively marketed  both through search engines and from other channels such as email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Rustenburg classified ads

We launched classified ads and posted this announcement to explain how you can submit your FREE, classified ad today. You can head over to our Rustenburg Classifieds and place your ad right now. There are no costs involved and help you to provide others with what they are looking for.

The classifieds is meant for personal items such as possessions to be sold, real estate, giveaways and other related items. Unfortunately we do not allow commercial services or products in the classifieds as we have the business listings and banner advertisements at an affordable price.

Have anything to sell? Maybe a property to rent or for sale? Post your Rustenburg classified ad today!

Amazing traffic stats

At the end of the day, our aim at Rusties is to generate as many hits per day and month incoming to the site so that your ads can be seen and as a result turn into conversion.

In the image above is our monthly traffic statistics since Rusties started out with just 412 unique visitors in the first day, increasing continually until now when it reached almost 10,500 unique hits throughout the month. January 2011 has been our highest month ever and we faithfully believe that this will continue to grow.

We continue to market as efficiently as possible to increase the incoming traffic to our Rustenburg website.

Games for your entertainment

For the entertainment and interaction of our users, we added several games to the Rusties website which you can play online. We will add more games regularly so subscribe to us (if you haven’t already) to be notified about new things on the Rustenburg website.

Like our Facebook page

We have a page on Facebook where all updates are posted about new businesses, jobs, events and promotions in Rustenburg. By liking our Facebook page, you will see our updates on your Facebook home feed. Join the Rustenburg Facebook page right now!

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